Mind Mastery Community, an Indian Company, now an international Life Transformation Coaching organization having its presence in India and across the world. In India we have our existence in Rajkot and are pioneers and visionaries in the field of self-development. We are the most popular and the fastest growing company in the industry with a large pool of national and international trainers. Till date we have helped thousands of people transform their personal and professional lives through well defined training programs and workshops.
The Company is headed by Dr. Amit Manek, the India based world-renowned motivational guru. Dr. Manek is also the author of three best-selling books on self-development and has won worldwide acclaim for his revolutionary power-packed coaching, helping people to succeed and achieve in all areas of life.
Dr. Manek is a Living Legend who has achieved incomparable knowledge, experience, practical know–how & given life changing results to the people at the young age.As you start getting to know him, you know the genius within this person who has depth knowledge of self and inner power.
At present being the founder & director of Mind Mastery Community he has authored many CD's and Books on self-development.

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