Hi, I'm Dr. Amit Manek

Hi everyone, if you want to become Digital Coach and you want to leave Free Life than you are referring a perfect profile.

I'm on a mission to help 100,000 people to become digital coach and live a freelife.

About Me

I am Dr. Amit Manek and this is my story. Initially, when I started my working life, I never had a thought in my mind that I would be a trainer or in training field.

During my schooling days, I heard something about memory workshop, then after in my graduation period, I attended a workshop of memory improvement and mind power. Afterwards I started organizing seminar.  In my collage days, I was not aware about motivational workshop or seminar but I had a goal that this program should have at least 1000 number of paid audience(listeners)and this went the whole day throughout my mind, how to make that program a big hit. In 3rd year of my college without having much needful knowledge about ‘selling skills,’ I gathered 1100 of audience instead of 1000 and that’s how I got first success.


Then I started workshop and seminars as a seminar organizer. I got opportunities to work with many world class professional trainers along with I got vast experience of the same.

With all those experiences I became a trainer but it wasn’t an easy task to do. I got success in many of programs and failure as well but I didn’t give up and continued in training programs. At the age of 20, I got a government job, if I would have wished I could have spent my entire life doing the same but I didn’t do that and left my government job and continued doing training programs. I have struggled a lot in my life, in early age, I lost my father and then also I never let myself demotivated.

In the starting of training field, I faced many failures, I have learned from the mistakes and failure. Thus my mission is that anybody wants to be a trainer or already a trainer, I am guiding them in training field because I have learned from my life which will help them to boost up with their professional training Business.

I have given training in many subjects such as mind and memory power, personality development, NLP, hypnosis, health program, sales mastery, digital coaching, business mastery and many more. I have written 4 books and they are unlimited mind power, Secrets of memory, At the Pinnacle of Success and Learn Hypnotism. By providing with my seminars, workshops, books, CDs and DVDs. I have helped more than 10, 00,000 people to bring change in their life. Around 2, 00,000 people got transformation in their lives through my Seminars & Workshops.

The drastic change happened in 2012 when I started giving training online and by 2014 I got a very favorable response. Till date we are having our network in almost every states and cities of India. In 2014 we achieved to reach on International level in many countries like USA, UAE, England, Italy, South Africa, Dubai, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh and Morocco. Thus, it’s not the end, for us it’s the beginning. Our target by 2020 to spread our network in every country.

Digital Coaching has changed my entire life. It can also change your life too. Presently we are focusing on only Digital Marketing and 90% of my training sessions are done online only. To provide Live Training, I have travelled a lot from city to city, district to district and country to country which resulted in spending less time with my family and I regretted for the same. At that moment I thought that, just like me, the other trainers might also facing the same situation. So, to eradicate that problem, I murmured and questioned myself, of “how I can provide training to the entire world, by staying at one place? “ And I found a solution to it and that’s how Digital Coach Mission was started.

In that mission I made a goal to make 1,00,000 Digital coach and those whose passion is training to be a part of it, to make them financially free along with spending time with their life & family. Those who are already a trainer and one, who wants to be a trainer, will get our readymade Digital Coach training system. This system is fully automated so that one does not require office or employees and hence they can work from home or they can sit at one place and can give training to each part of the world where they want.

If you are a trainer or you want to be a trainer then this system will be a great source which will reduce your time and efforts and will also avoid mistakes that I made. This will also be fruitful and enhance you to get more experience of mine in digital training coaching business.

What will you learn in Digital Coach Business model?

This system includes every aspect to become a Digital Entrepreneur and how you can give more quality time to your family without any financial burden. By helping People, you will increase your spiritual quotient and along with that; you can decide what should be your Goal and what should be your intentions to live freely. Which knowledge you will require, certain important skills, decision making power regarding which product you should sell, etc…. to live a free life, this all guidance will be given to you by us.You will receive training like – How to make people attain webinar, how to sell a product – to – how a product should be made, by making them a good experience of how to generate resale. This live webinar will make a healthy relation with your customer and thus you can create change in many people’s life.In short, from beginning to end to become a Digital Coach we will Guide you to become a successful Digital coach along staying with you. 

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